My question is still unanswered: On what legal basis was Soleimani murdered? The answer may then have consequences for the federal government. Unless she still gives anything on the rule of law.

The only creepy thing about many reactions is that a large majority apparently thinks that drone murders are okay.

Drone murders are still unacceptable, even if the whole world has got used to them, because the USA and Iran were not at war, as far as I know. And a self-defense situation is also not recognizable for the USA.

Maybe it wasn’t a murder at all, and we now have a whole new international law or martial law, or neither nor. Would also be interested to know.

Did the NATO alliance case apply? So on what basis does Germany take part in murder? This question is justified; hardly anyone has asked it so far, and if so, it is ignored. Where are the Greens actually? Didn’t they even have something about peace policy in their advertising brochure, around 40 years ago?

Whether the Iranian general deserves to die is at the level of lynching. Even if he was a combatant at the time, there were still many unanswered questions about the German involvement. It’s good that they are finally being asked.

The title question does not match the content of the article. It should actually have been “Do we want more state violence now?”

Funny question because it means further armament inside. We have had more than enough of these for decades, with consistently negative effects.

If you add that the proportion with a right-wing view of the world is presumably higher in security organs than elsewhere, that would make the goat gardener.

It will only ever be symptomatic treatment. As long as the existential pressure on those who own less or have to report is constantly increasing, there will be increasingly blatant forms of defending oneself against it. Some then use the potential to further damage the current version of democracy, others arm themselves immediately. Capitalist and right-wing complement each other pretty well, has tradition.

Would the state actually use its violence in the interests of the majority of its residents (it was finally given by them, for this purpose), and not always and only for the benefit of the less privileged, e.g. by increasing the minimum wage to 12 euros, through immediate redevelopment of the Pay-as-you-go pension system, rehabilitation of the health system and care, rent caps, better education, cutting back precarious working conditions, reasonable equipment of the tax authorities, things would look a lot different.

People who are not cornered, feel cared for, valued and treated fairly in their community, need fewer scapegoats and act more relaxed.

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